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Sensei Vijay Prajapat

Sensei Vijay Prajapat is Shotokon Chidokon Karate 4rd Dan and also Karate India Organisation 3rd Dan and Ist Dan in Kickboxing. And teaching Karate since 13 years.He also teaches Mua Thai level 2 Instructor, and also teaches Kickboxing  Currently Sensei is  running his own academy Fitness Hub Indore located at Janki Nagar Naolakha Square. Also provide training for fat loss and fitness.  Sensei Vijay is  responsible for instructing students in the art of Karate, Muathai and Kickboxing, which includes both physical techniques and mental discipline. Sensei Vijay instils discipline, respect, and the Shotokon Karate philosophy, which emphasises self-control and respect for others.   His Classes can vary from beginner levels to advanced, focusing on self-defense, forms, and sparring. Protein intake should be high and carbs should be in balance amount and good amount of fibre should be in diet Weight Training is of two types:-Bulkin and Strength. Strength training is must for any combat sport

Sensei Mohan Kanojia

  Sensei Mohan Kanojia is doing Karate since 1998 and teaching Karate since 2007,Sensei Mohan Kanojia is taking Karate Classes and Karate Camps regularly .  Weight Training is not necessary for karate,Sensei said. Anybody can start to learn Karate after 5 years of age.Sensei faced some financial problems, but later on, he overcome by  taking Karate class, and some business.According to Sensei Mohan, Karate inculcate discipline. There is misconception about Karate,that it is fight game, sometime even coaches not able to give right message about Karate to Parent, however Karate is not fight game and it make physical fit and improve strength,and parent should encourage their children to learn Karate.Sensei Mohan also takes Karate camp. Diet is not important, its will power, which is important. Many sports person from tribal area eat only chapati/chatni and still perform well in their respective sports, Sensei said to me.  Student should not worry about injury, as such if practice properly

Sensei Mahendra Singh Rathore

 Sensei Mahendra is 3rd Dan Black Belt. Sensei Mahendra is doing Karate from 2012 and teaching Karate since 2017. Weight Training along with Karate is depends upon the purpose and Goal, Sensei said. Parents pressurise for study to their child, but it is wrong, if student is not interested to do study, then Parents should encourage thier children  to  play sports, I have few student (14 /12 years) who are good in study and also in Karate , beside studies show that, when we do exercise, brain stimulate certain good hormones, which keeps us in happy state, Sensei replied me, when I asked about parent pressure to their ward. I got no problem while dealing with small children, as such my Teacher never scolded on my, so how come I scold to my students, I tackle them  with calm mindset, Sensei said. Diet is essential part of training. If students are non vegetarian, they should eat chicken, fish and if they are vegetarian, they should eat  Fruits, and Milk based product specially cotton chees

Rising Karate Trainer-Harsh Yadav

 Harsh Yadav is 1 Dan Black Belt. Harsh is doing Karate for 8 years and teaching Karate for 3 years(2019). According to Harsh, weight training is a must while learning Karate. Girls should not afraid of karate, and they must learn at least basics and self-defense, if not a black belt, he said, it will help them in the long run. Study and Karate can be done simultaneously, I am doing coaching, college, learning, and teaching Karate parallel, Harsh said. While teaching Karate, sometimes I get problems from small children, but it's manageable, I also busy them with some activities and gaming so it makes fun and easy to learn Karate for children, Harsh said. Karate learners can take junk food once in a while, but apart from that, they should take good fat, high-protein diet. If a student is Non-Vegetarian, they should eat chicken, egg, red meat, and fish as such fish contain all essential amino acids. Vegetarian students can take a milk product-based diet. Karate is not a fighting game

Sensei Himanshu Kalyani

 Sensei Himanshu Kalyani is 3rd Dan Black Belt. Sensai Himanshu  doing karate since his childhood(class 5th). He also provide training to students since his early age. He provided free Karate Training to students when he was in 10th class and up  to 12th class. After that he is providing professional Karate Training to students. According to him, weight training along with karate is must for muscle build up and power. Girls should not shy from learning Karate, as such self defence is must for every body, he said. Fight skill is learn since ancient time in India. Parents should not discourage their child to learn karate, every child must play some game or karate for at least 1 hour, which will prevent them from diseases and boost up their immunity  and physical growth. Karate should be start, as early as 5 years of age, he said.  And 5-10 years of age is good for learning Karate, and it help in increasing height, build muscle and bone, he replied, when I ask him about the appropriate ag

Dynamic Karate Trainer-Anirudh Sunhare

 Anirudh Sunhare started Karate on May 2016, and since 2018 he teaches Karate. He is 1st degree International certified Black Belt. He is also doing Diploma in Public Hygiene and Nutrition.  Many girls want to join Karate, but their parents opposes, and in some situation, parents  want girl to join Karate, but got resistance. Its a dilemma , Anirudh said, but girls  should join Karate, it inculcate confidence, boost moral and improve health.  There is misconception, that Karate is fight game, Anirudh said, instead it is sport like any other, there should be awareness about this and counselling should be provided to parents  and students.   Weight Training is also must along with Karate, however one should not do pro Body Builder type gym exercise,  only low weight to be lifted, which is sufficient to make bone stronger, and make muscle in shape.  Karate learner also pay attention to their diet, as such, it is integral part of Karate, Student should take calcium via milk and other diet

SCKFINDIA-Sensei Mahesh Kushwaha

  Sensai Mahesh Kushwaha is full time Shotokan karate & Kickboxing instructor, 6th Degree Black Belt WKF & KAI Japan. He is  Sole Representative India at Shotokan Ryu chidokai karate-do federation India.  He works at President WAKO INDIA. He is also running his own academy at Nehru Stadium Indore. Shihan Mahesh Kushwaha teaches Karate since 30 years. Light Weight training is also good along with Karate , However, student should not do heavy and strenuous  weight training, which reduces  their flexibility and speed., he said. Diet is important part of Karate,  Vegetarian students should take cotton cheese, milk in their diet, non vegetarian student should take eggs, fish etc, it their diet, Shihan replied, when I asked him about diet. Teaching karate to small children is not tough, instead vice versa, he said, though small children are flicker , but also very progressive , even more than seniors. Girls should join karate training to learn self-defence, and parents should encoura

He is on Mission with Zeal for fitness and karate

  Mr. Devendra Sharma is running Champions    Karate Club  at Indore. He is 3 rd Black Belt Dan . He  is also certified fitness instructor.   When Devendra started his academy, he face some problems, but he continuously working on it and eliminate those problems. He participated in may national karate championship, and won prizes. He teaches Shotokan Karate style, and weight training, and  Mua Thai. Devendra Sharma teaches Karate since April 2014. He is teaching at his own karate academy (since 2018)beside he give personnel training also. According to him:- Health  and Fitness should be top priority for all, Parents should encourage their children to join Karate. Karate not only increase stamina, strength but also inculcate self confidence, personality development and public speaking ability specially when children take out from their comfort zone and go to other city or state to participate for karate tournament without their parents. Their is lot of misconception, that Karate is only