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Rising Karate Trainer-Harsh Yadav

 Harsh Yadav is 1 Dan Black Belt.

Harsh is doing Karate for 8 years and teaching Karate for 3 years(2019).

According to Harsh, weight training is a must while learning Karate.

Girls should not afraid of karate, and they must learn at least basics and self-defense, if not a black belt, he said, it will help them in the long run.

Study and Karate can be done simultaneously, I am doing coaching, college, learning, and teaching Karate parallel, Harsh said.

While teaching Karate, sometimes I get problems from small children, but it's manageable, I also busy them with some activities and gaming so it makes fun and easy to learn Karate for children, Harsh said.

Karate learners can take junk food once in a while, but apart from that, they should take good fat, high-protein diet. If a student is Non-Vegetarian, they should eat chicken, egg, red meat, and fish as such fish contain all essential amino acids. Vegetarian students can take a milk product-based diet.

Karate is not a fighting game, it is a myth. Parents should encourage their children to go to Karate class, My parents were also in that mind state, when I started Karate, but I convinced them and they agree to send me to Karate class, he said.

Again when that time (while learning karate) I want to go next level of Karate and start to compete in tournaments, my parents opposes it, but as I started to win championships, gradually their resistance becomes lessen.

I want to open mt Gym-Karate class, where all age group members can come and learn Karate and do gyming, and I am also preparing for the commonwealth game, he said, when I asked about his future plan.

The message to students is - to play and target big platforms like commonwealth game .

[Verified Interview]


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