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Sensei Vikas Simreyya-Taekwondo Trainer

  Sensei Vikas Simreyya is Taekwondo 3rd Dan. And teaching Taekwondo since 20 years. Currently he is Karate Instructor at Saint Arnold School, Vijay Nagar and provide Training Taekwondo at LIG Colony at evening.  Sensei Vikas is  responsible for instructing students in the art of Taekwondo, which includes both physical techniques and mental discipline.  His Classes can vary from beginner levels to advanced, focusing on self-defense, forms, and sparring.Ensuring the safety of students during tThey instill discipline, respect, and the Taekwondo philosophy, which emphasizes self-control and respect for others.raining is paramount. Sensei Vikas teach proper techniques to prevent injuries.Sensei Vikas instill discipline, respect, and the Taekwondo philosophy, which emphasises self-control and respect for others.   15 Students are doing Government Jobs by Taekwondo at RPF, BSF, Battalion , Sensei Vikas said. One of his  student Puja Gome got job in Indore Municipal Corporation despite of h