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Sensei Vijay Prajapat

Sensei Vijay Prajapat is Shotokon Chidokon Karate 4rd Dan and also Karate India Organisation 3rd Dan and Ist Dan in Kickboxing. And teaching Karate since 13 years.He also teaches Mua Thai level 2 Instructor, and also teaches Kickboxing  Currently Sensei is  running his own academy Fitness Hub Indore located at Janki Nagar Naolakha Square. Also provide training for fat loss and fitness.  Sensei Vijay is  responsible for instructing students in the art of Karate, Muathai and Kickboxing, which includes both physical techniques and mental discipline. Sensei Vijay instils discipline, respect, and the Shotokon Karate philosophy, which emphasises self-control and respect for others.   His Classes can vary from beginner levels to advanced, focusing on self-defense, forms, and sparring. Protein intake should be high and carbs should be in balance amount and good amount of fibre should be in diet Weight Training is of two types:-Bulkin and Strength. Strength training is must for any combat sport