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He is on Mission with Zeal for fitness and karate


Mr. Devendra Sharma is running Champions  Karate Club at Indore. He is 3 rd Black Belt Dan. He  is also certified fitness instructor.   When Devendra started his academy, he face some problems, but he continuously working on it and eliminate those problems. He participated in may national karate championship, and won prizes. He teaches Shotokan Karate style, and weight training, and  Mua Thai.

Devendra Sharma teaches Karate since April 2014. He is teaching at his own karate academy (since 2018)beside he give personnel training also. According to him:-

Health  and Fitness should be top priority for all, Parents should encourage their children to join Karate.

Karate not only increase stamina, strength but also inculcate self confidence, personality development and public speaking ability specially when children take out from their comfort zone and go to other city or state to participate for karate tournament without their parents.

Their is lot of misconception, that Karate is only fight game instead it is game of peace, he said.

4-6 out of 10 is the ratio, where 4 girls came by their own will and join karate, and 6 girls come when their parents send them , but after some time 2 out of that 6 girls continuous karate by their own will.

Students should attentive about their diet also,  because diet also play crucial role in karate , and students not avoid this aspect just because they are very young , instead should take healthy and nutritious diet from early age.

Small children who come to learn karate , some time become unmanageable, and also taking  revenge(real fight) with their fellow student in friendly fight, so as a trainer we have to sort out this issue, he said. 

Now a days students mostly come for fitness/ hobby purpose , and merely 2 out of 10 came to us for learning karate die hard, ratio should be 100% I hope, he said. We want to give them some real tough and good karate training but students and their parents have neither  interest  not will(crazy for karate), Devendra Sharma said .

 My future plan is to expand my Karate Doja and open branches at other areas, where I can give  Karate Training to large group of students(50-100), and I also wanted to take seminar and workshop, Devendra Sharma said. 

The only big expense was Karate Mat, rest is small expenses beside rent he replied when I asked about any issue/problem he faced when opening his own Dojo.

Verified Interview(16-9-2022)


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