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Sensei Mahendra Singh Rathore

 Sensei Mahendra is 3rd Dan Black Belt.

Sensei Mahendra is doing Karate from 2012 and teaching Karate since 2017.

Weight Training along with Karate is depends upon the purpose and Goal, Sensei said.

Parents pressurise for study to their child, but it is wrong, if student is not interested to do study, then Parents should encourage thier children  to  play sports, I have few student (14 /12 years) who are good in study and also in Karate , beside studies show that, when we do exercise, brain stimulate certain good hormones, which keeps us in happy state, Sensei replied me, when I asked about parent pressure to their ward.

I got no problem while dealing with small children, as such my Teacher never scolded on my, so how come I scold to my students, I tackle them  with calm mindset, Sensei said.

Diet is essential part of training. If students are non vegetarian, they should eat chicken, fish and if they are vegetarian, they should eat  Fruits, and Milk based product specially cotton cheese, Sensei said. Students should not eat junk food, and they  should also take proper lunch and dinner, specifically Chapati, as it contains Carbohydrate, and energy is needed all day for exercise and routing work, sensei said.

Karat is no more only fight game, many years ago, it has full body contact, now  it has touch and back only, so there is little chances to get injuries, so parents need not much worry ,Sensei said, when I talked about Karate image as a fight game on Parent.n I also got injury while playing in tournament at Ujjain, (though it was my fault , I was playing without shin guard), Sensei said.

It was Sensei Deepak Sir, who tought me free of cost Karate with only one condition to come at class early morning 5 am, as such I have financial limitations (but I was doing wrestling and some other exercise since childhood near my home, with other children, Sensei said), and beside initially my parents oppose  me to join karate.

Initially when I started to teach Karate, My  Sensei Deepak Sir send me in a school , and first time of my life I have to speak in front of large gathering of school students ( from class 6 to class 12)   and other teachers, I was nervous that time, but somehow , I got energy and speak something, but it was eye opening experience for me, and gradually I develop  public speaking habit with confidence, thanks to Karate, Sensei said.

Previous generation children were more stronger than this generation children, so my message to Karate learner is work hard and be strong, Sensei said.

[Verified Interview]


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