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Girls Self Defence Expert Trainer

 Master Saeed Alam is 8th Dan in Karate, teaching Karate and self defence for more than 37 years. Born on 4 th January 1961, he got 16 international awards, on 26 November, he will get Doctorate Degree from Chennai. In his native town Chaibasa -Jharkhand, a street is given his name called Master  Said Alam Chowk (on 2 November 2022).

He provides short term self  defence training at Shree Krishna Public School, 1 Tilak Nagar -Indore. Boys age more than 13 years are not allowed. For girls, there is no age bar.

He created his own self defence training program,which is different from traditional Karate,Taikwando. It is based on "Marmadi"(knowledge of veins). His training program is very affordable, fees is 500/- @per month. His training  is more focused on girls/ women.

There is no special diet is needed, for completing this course,he said, green vegetables, sprouts and full meal  is sufficient.

His teacher is Sensei Prem Prasad Dubey Sir.

His emphasis on always 4 things,

-daily eating 

-daily sleep

-daily exercise

-daily loo 

Some of the tips which he always gives to student  is

-Daily exercise for at least 20 minutes

-always drink pure water and pure milk

-non-veg food only be eaten weekly not daily

-always take adequate sleep

-use less mobile

-no junk food

-no cold drink

He also provide Self Defence training to poor girls free of cost.  

Karate and Taikwando are sports, in which students has to self upgrade and have to fight with their target, however in his self defence training, student has not to loose patience and courage, he said.

Numbers of crime and rape cases are increased in central India, there is no awareness for self defence among girls and there is need to increase  the feeling of Nationalism  in youth, are some objectives, to start self defence training program, Master Saeed Alam told to me. 

[Verified Interview]


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